the story of 2014

what a year!

what. a. year.

and it’s january eighth already? too late for a 2014 recap? didn’t think so.

we began 2014 newly engaged and all gushy and nervous and excited for our future. we finished off 2014 married, in a new apartment in the city where we met and fell in love, and looking forward.

2014 was full of ups and downs, but mostly ups. i was so excited to say hello to 2015, i am a sucker for fresh beginnings and clean slates and all that jazz. but i can’t help but get a little sentimental and sniffly over saying goodbye to 2014. so here’s a little recap.

 click the “read more” to see our year in review. i recommend scrolling through with a cup of coffee.

so, welcome 2015! super excited to have you here. with you i promise to wear more red lipstick, read more books, and enjoy the sunshine a little more.

and on that note…

that’s a wrap! see ya, 2014.


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