around here lately…

here’s a picture of my sleeping husband to kick off this blog post. alrightttttt, now that that’s out of the way.

speaking of which, we’ve been sleeping in like crazy over here at the Fountain house. we’re talking through three(!) alarms sometimes. unless your’e me and you were up at four, and then six, and then six thirty this morning. big sigh.

a lot has been happening here. but at the same time a whole lot of nothing has been happening.

there are nights like tonight where i get to talking with david about something at, like, ten o’ clock at night and end up staying up until eleven, wired from all the talking with a million ideas in my head that need to travel through my fingers and onto my keyboard.

lately my mom and i have been taking each other on weekly dates. we’ll go somewhere and walk around, eat lunch, and talk each others’ ears clean off! it’s so refreshing and such a treat. i am so thankful my parents are here in soflo now!!!

 i always manage to fill my burger quota for the week with my mom.

isn’t she a beauty?

serenity & amber. 7am on a friday morning.

we watched the the sun come up and marveled at the gorgeous colors over miami beach. living here is so cool. it was the best thing watching miami wake up.

we stopped at the coffee shop right on the beach where david and i had our first date.

i don’t even really like these. i just had to have some for the v-day festivities. and they’re pretty.

awkward, caught-off-guard first day of work photo. husbarazzi strikes again.

the end!


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