be still.

My specialty these days seems to be these endless blog posts a la stream-of-conciousness. All of the thoughts I am thinking just tumble out of my head…but Jesus seems to cover it with grace. He turns my fleshly, imperfect words into something (somewhat…hardly) worthy.Our lives seem to be gushing, brimming over with distractions that the world throws at us. Strategic interference to keep our eyes off of Him.

In this never-not-moving world we live in, finding time to sit at the feet of Jesus seems impossible. While the world tells us that we need to speed up and go go go, the Father calls us to be be still. We roll out of bed in the morning and, before our feet even hit the floor, we are already making mental to-do lists and planning out our day. Be still. 

Instead of taking time to talk to others during the day- friends, family, husbands, strangers- we have this odd attachment to our phones that cause us to miss out on so much community. So much love. We rush past people to get from point A to point B. Be still. 

We miss out on quality time with our Savior because the day steals so much of our time and attention, from social media to the constant rushing, we lose sight of Him and instead of taking a breather and praying we complain under our breath and keep rushing.

Our fragmented focus on Him means that our lives begin to crumble. It is not the weight of all of our responsibility or the fact that our to-do list is growing by the second, but the fact that in the midst of the craziness we have time to stop and check Instagram but not to commune with the Father. Be still.

Even as we are fulfilling our daily tasks, we can pray as we go – talk with the Father about what’s going on each day and ask Him to bless the people we encounter. Be still.

Barefoot in the kitchen, suddenly washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen is worshipful. I hate washing the dishes, I have been known to “forget” to do them from the couch until my husband takes over. Yet every time I lean into it and refuse to complain, I really enjoy it. I love the idea of wrapping up the day – it’s so cathartic, so soothing. Tucking into some leftover Easter chocolate I stashed in the freezer, listening to worship music, doing the dishes and scraping crusty oatmeal off of the counter; I feel the peace of Jesus wash over me. I’m still.

I am learning to slow down – to be content with the little things and be thankful. I am infinitely humbled by this simple truth: Jesus is never too busy for me. This is the peculiar reality of my relationship with Jesus. I interrupt Him, He listens. I am rushing, too busy to see past myself, yet He has all the time in the world for me. And when all I am worried about is my own skin, He lays down His for mine. My broken soul is seized with amazement and suddenly I don’t feel too busy anymore. I’m still.

“I need God to consume me more than my life currently does.” – Lisa Whittle



One thought on “be still.

  1. zara mekertin says:

    Like your writings tis true life in general goes too fast this is a way to slow it down and with Jesus at our side wow what a way to still ourselves amen


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