Everything’s Coming Up Rosie

From her musings and thoughts on her budding relationship with Christ to what she just has to have in her purse, Rosie McVeigh is both beauty and brains. The up and coming model met with me at a little french bistro near our workplace where we caught up on all of the above and more. All I can say about this girl is she is tremendously inspiring, as she says she aspires to be. Rosie is a dreamer with heart and wisdom beyond her years, at eighteen she decided to move away from her small hometown in Tennessee to pursue her promising career in modeling, becoming completely independent long before many expect to.

Moving away from your hometown in Tennessee was a huge step for you, what was your motivation? 

“Growing up in a small town I always kind of wanted out because the town I’m from is so small, you can see the end of it when you stand at the other side. I just felt like it was confining me. I signed with the modeling agency down here first and my mom suggested I just travel back and forth from home to Miami at first but plane tickets are super expensive. So, I just decided, you know, I am probably never going to get an opportunity like this ever again so I just need to dive in a pursue it.”

How has your time in Miami been? What have you learned since living here? 

“Well, first of all there’s that whole money thing. Taking care of everything on your own, paying for your own things, paying rent! That was a huge change for me.” She leans back in her chair and laughs at herself lightly. “I went from living at home and relying on my mom to paying for rent, utilities, insurance, phone bills, groceries, and gas, it adds up so quickly. I have grown up so much. I have learned so much from all of the people I met here. My roommates have been so influential. Because of one of my roommates I’ve become closer to God, we started going to church together twice a week.” Rosie is beaming now, her beautiful freckles make her blue eyes glow and she announces, “I got baptized last week!”   “Back home I didn’t ever want to go to church, it felt so superficial and like more of a religion than a relationship. I want my faith to be so much more than that, that’s what I’ve learned from my time here. And my spanish has improved!”  I bet when you go home you will feel like a totally new person. What will you take back with you from your experiences here? 

“Well, one thing is because I’ve grown so much here I hope that the maturity I’ve gained here will influence my friends back home. I feel when I go home a lot of what I’ve learned will help me relate to my mom. I also hope to be more influential with my faith at home, I’ve grown so much here and I want to be more involved in my church back in Tennessee.” 

I see a passion in Rosie. She is passionate about learning more and continuously bettering herself to serve God wherever she is. Just from working alongside her at Anthropologie I see her striving to do well, be kind, and spread joy.

How did you get into modeling? 

“Modeling officially became my life about a year ago. I had done a couple of shoots in Knoxville, Tennessee and I actually did a shoot with a fellow model’s mother who had just had her daughter signed with a modeling agency in Atlanta. She eventually got me involved with the same modeling agency and I signed with Ursula Wiedmann Models and she gave me to option to go plus-sized or straight size…I tried to do straight size but I just could not get my measurements down to where they were supposed to be. So, that’s when I decided to just be myself and go ‘plus-size'” She uses air quotes here and giggles. “And that hasn’t really worked either!” Rosie throws her hands in the air. “Right now I am signed with Dorothy Combs for plus size modeling here in Miami. I feel like my mission in Modeling is to remind people that there are models who are in between straight and plus sized! There are so many girls who are in that ‘in-between’ size range who should be modeling. I want to show people that.”

What do you think is your life’s purpose?

“I don’t necessarily know. I do know that throughout my life I want to inspire people and encourage others to be themselves. I am passionate about doing what I love. I have done so many things so far and I want to inspire people to be happy in their own skin. My purpose with modeling isn’t to be in the spotlight, I really feel like it is to inspire others. I want every sized person to feel comfortable in their bodies and lives and just being who they are. I feel like everybody is so special; it doesn’t matter what size you are or what your interests are- it’s who you are that matters. It brings me joy to see the best in people. So, that’s probably my purpose in life.”

When I ask Rosie what her next step is she is more than excited to announce her next big adventure. “This summer I am going to Nicaragua for three weeks to visit an old teacher and mentor of mine. My dream is to open a resort there that focuses on experiencing the country and enjoying nature.” I am a huge advocate for living as the locals do when I am visiting a new place, so naturally I am obsessed with her idea and I’m eager to see her ideas unfold. It’s clear Rosie has a lot of courage and ambition for her age, from moving away from home and pursuing life on her own and a career to traveling to a developing country to learn more about the world.

Meeting and digging deep with fellow sisters in Christ is so sweet for me. This is the fellowship I feel Jesus made me for. I am so excited to see where He takes Rosie and all of her talent.


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