Hilton Head Family Vacation! 

I spent last week in Hilton Head, South Carolina with my family from Georgia. I haven’t seen any of my cousins or my aunt and uncle since my wedding (almost a year ago!), and our family beach trips are classic. Last year we took a girls’ trip to Hilton Head at the exact same time, which we affectionately called a “Broad’s Trip”. That’s what we women call each other – Broads. It was a tradition started ages ago by my grandfather and it just stuck. For the longest time my cousin Jenna and I were the “little broads”, my aunt “the french broad” (she was born in France), and last year my cousin megan was the “pregnant broad”.

If you’ve never been to Hilton Head Island, it sort of feels like the land of never ending summer vacation. 

It feels like no one is a local, everyone is there for a week of sitting on the beach to get some extra freckles and then go back to reality. 

One night after dinner we rode our bikes down to the beach (which is how we got to the beach every day) right before sunset. We got wind blown on the beach and then stopped on a bridge on the way back to watch fireworks. After the show, we began riding back – a procession of bicycles riding down a poorly lit low country road. The marsh on either side, everything smells like sunscreen. I had to stop and watch the group ride ahead of me for a while. A whole lot of prose was bouncing and rolling around in my head right then. I wish there was a way to bottle the poetic words one comes up with while riding a bicycle. I always forget when I’m in park. I’ll miss riding my bike everywhere like I did all week. I don’t do so at home in Miami because I value my health and safety too much. 

 This week was such a treat. I already miss after-dinner bike rides, loud, late night games at the dinner table, and laughing until bellies ache.   This is what grocery shopping for a family of 12 looks like…for a few days.This is just a glimpse at our dreamy beach house.   

Let’s do it again next year!



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