here we are

We’ve been in Denmark now for…four days? But who’s counting? Not me. Mostly because i can’t keep track. The jetlag has worn off but don’t tell anyone because I used that as an excuse to sleep until twelve today. Midnight to noon. So not like me, but so not a personal best either. 

Since being here we’ve eaten so many good things. That’s what I loved about our honeymoon here last year and what I am loving this time around. We walk sooooo so much and then eat a whole lot to make up for it. I remember coming back from our honeymoon last year and going to the doctor right after getting home. I had lost nearly ten pounds! My doctor asked me about three times, “are you sure you went on your honeymoon??”

Homemade muesli and skyr, french hot dogs, pastries, freshly baked bread…so many good things.


This trip is different from our honeymoon also in that we’re not going as many places. Last time we were out an about everyday exploring castles and museums and so on. This time we are taking lots of walks and doing smaller things. Taking it easy. I sat outside and read for hours earlier. Bundled up, hot coffee in hand. It was lovely. The weather has been a lot colder than I expected, usually mid-sixties during the days. Occasionally it rises to a scandalous seventy degrees but then dips back down to sixty-five again, as not to be too forgiving of my choice to bring basically only summery clothes.

I’ve got three words for you: champagne Magnum bar. Cheers!  
Also, if you live in Slangerup and spot me taking  photos outside your house…I’m sorry. I sort of get caught up in my own world, imagining what my garden would look like or which window exactly I would choose for my reading spot. I have resolved you could give me any home in Denmark (any! your choice!) and I would be blissfully happy all my days. A baby on my hip and and endless cupboard of rugbrød and I’ll be set! 


 Bicycles! Everywhere!  

There you go. 


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