Lately in photos…

We just had our last week in Denmark. It’s so bittersweet because we’ve been gone for so long, so I’m ready to be home but I also don’t want this end. 


  We took our last stroll around copenhagen this past Monday.  We went to Torvehallerne and I had my first real cappuccino ever. With cow’s milk! Nearly moved me to tears. It was delicious. 

Torvehallerne is an impossibly cool farmers market with over a hundred local vendors. There is gourmet coffee, traditonal danish fare, home-grown fruits and vegetables. It is one of my favorite places to sample all sorts of local, eclectic foods in a very cool environment. 
Do your self a favor and order the five spice pork bahn mi from Bahn Mi Daily. I’m doing you a solid by telling you this, is all I’m saying. So good! This coming from a bahn mi virgin. 


And flødeboller! Oh, flødeboller. In case your wondering, Summerbird is the best in the city.   

 And now we’re in Sweden!  Fika!       

And this is where we are staying, in a little town called Rimbo in a place called Ekebyholm Castle. It’s an old castle turned boarding school in the middle of nowhere.   
Tiled fireplace of my dreams.      

   Thanks, Sweden, for being so good to me.


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