10 weeks 

I am ten weeks pregnant today. I want to savor every part growing this babe in my belly. I know if I don’t this time will fly by. We are beyond excited for April to be here and we can finally meet our sweet baby, but I also want to remember every bit of this amazing journey! It’s so amazing to read about and feel the life growing inside of me. 

Today, the baby is the size of a petit four! Which feels so big because I found out I was pregnant at three and a half weeks and I’ve been tracking the growth since then. 

cravings: fruit! and anything that tastes fresh, like lemonade and salads and popsicles. 

how I’ve been sleeping: I’ve been having super weird dreams and waking up a few times a night. It feels like no matter how much I sleep I am always exhausted.

symptoms: morning sickness! more like all day sickness, it’s actually worse in the afternoon/evening. I’m also hungry a lot. I’m just tired of being hungry… Every time I eat a meal, an hour later it feels like I haven’t eaten in days. 

Except for the symptoms and raging hormones, I don’t really feel pregnant, I probably will when I actually start showing. I am so excited to enter my second trimester and hopefully have more energy, less nausea, and more of a bump! 

Everyone seems so convinced this little babe is a boy! But we’ll see…I was so sure I had a daughter, now I’m just waiting to find out for sure. I will be excited either way! 

So so in love with this little babe!! 



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