some things today: 

– fun sized chocolate at the publix! we have a big bowl full of mini snickers and twix and whatnot on our dining room table right now. it is such a good situation, is all I’m saying. 

– I am unbelievably tired because a.) I had weird dreams that kept me up all night and b.) I’m growing a tiny human and, let me tell you, that is some hard work. 

– all baby wants today is sushi. and brie cheese. basically everything all online pregnancy forums tell you you cannot give to a growing fetus. but earlier at the publix, baby and I said “pshhhh” and picked up a container of veggie sushi. it sort of hit the spot. (looooots of wasabi and soy sauce!)

– trying to plan my week and meals for the rest of the week and realizing I don’t actually have many nights at home. I love nights at home with a big pot of soup on the stove and just talking with my husband with huge wads of baguette being shoveled into our mouths. it may not feel like fall outside, but every morning in our apartment feels crisp and every evening I use my fluffiest blankets and three (3!) comforters on our bed. 

this has been your official mid-week update from fort fountain. 

happy tuesday-ing! 


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