12 week update + it’s a boy! 

I still can’t believe we are having a baby boy! For so long I was convinced we had a girl on the way. But so many people came to me and said they thought it was a boy. A sister at church even had a dream a year ago that our baby would be a boy. As much as I was in shock, David and I both were so thrilled. I got the call from my doctor while at Gap Baby. I held David’s hand while she told me over the phone that we were expecting a “healthy baby boy” and tears just started pouring down my cheeks. A boy! A baby boy! David knew it was a boy from the beginning, so he was not surprised one bit but he is so ready for a boy! 

I am so thrilled to get to know this little boy! I am already so in love.   
Just a little 12 week update…

Baby’s size: One of my apps says a clementine and another says a large plum! (I have apps and they are all helpful! One of them even tells me which Parisian pastry our baby is the size of! A Ladurée macaron!) 

How I’ve been sleeping: Pretty well! I only wake up once a night so far. Hoping it stays that way for a while. 

Symptoms: I’ve been less tired than I was for the first 11 weeks. It was like I hit 12 weeks and instantly felt more like myself. I can still get exhausted pretty easily, just not as bad. And I feel hungry all the time! It’s crazy! And also feeling some weird growing pains. 

Cravings: Scrambled eggs! I don’t understand it, I could eat them for every meal. And tomatoes! And cinnamon toast. 

Our little boy is growing like wild and I am so eager to keep learning more about how he is doing in there and growing and how I can keep him as happy and healthy as possible. And I can’t wait to finally do some shopping! Thank you for all of your sweet congratulations so far about our little boy! 


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