20 weeks 

Our sweet baby boy has been kicking and punching and rolling around all week. I love feeling him and showing David where to put his hand so he can feel him too. For a little while David had a hard time feeling the kicks with me. But the first time he did was magic. My husband is a goner. Totally in love with this little one. We were laying in bed reading the other night when I was feeling a succession of kicks and elbowing. I told him to put his hand on a certain spot on my belly, and right then baby boy gave us the strongest kick yet. Showing off for his dad, I am quite sure.   

I have really popped this week! Since around 16 weeks I’ve had a tiny bump, but I still didn’t feel like I looked pregnant at all. I only really felt pregnant. Then a few days ago I woke up and THIS happened!

This is a bump, people. 

Lately I have been so overwhelmed with excitement to meet this little boy of mine. Obviously since the day I found out I was pregnant I have been excited to meet our baby, but the first time I felt him move, those little elbows and feet, I felt automatically connected to him! 

Pregnancy has been really good to me – it feels so right.  There are times where I just want to cry and complain because there are so many unfamiliar things happening in my body and lots I don’t have any control over, but then I remember how ridiculously lucky I am. I have spoken with so many sisters who have had really hard pregnancies or who have struggled to get pregnant. I don’t deserve to indulge in my complaints like I do so often. This little love is growing so healthily, we’re getting along very well, and thankfully we had no problem conceiving him. The awareness of all of this makes my heart ache for my sisters who don’t or didn’t have it so easy. But isn’t it still so amazing what our bodies can do, ladies? God is so good! As I’m looking forward more and more to the moment we get to meet our son, I am preparing my mind and body for a natural birth at home because I know the Lord has equipped my body to do this! I am so thankful that He revealed that to me. While David and I were praying about having a home birth versus a hospital birth, I felt God telling me that he created my body to be able to deliver my son without any unnatural interventions. Yes, it will be hard, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t equipped me to do it. I understand that home birth is not right for everyone, but I’m confident this is the direction God has led our family and I feel so much peace and excitement about the idea that we’ll be welcoming our child into the world in our home. 

“Behold, children are a gift of the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward.” Psalms‬ ‭127:3‬ 

We can’t wait to meet you, baby boy. 


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