Friday + 21 weeks

Happy Friday from me and this 21 week bump. Here’s a little pregnancy update for your Friday afternoon. 

At 21 weeks…

Baby is as big as: a papaya! About 10.5 inches long. And he feels so HUGE! A few weeks ago when we went in for an ultrasound, I think I was 18 weeks, he was measuring double the average weight but on track for length! So he’s a chubby boy. 

Cravings: Anything sweet! Which is really weird because for the first 20 weeks all I wanted was savory and even the thought of ice cream grossed me out. Now I want all of the fruit and cinnamon buns and such. Oh, and I got a serious craving for enchiladas the other day which I just remedied last night with some homemade chicken enchiladas. 

Weight gain: Sigh. My least favorite part! I’ve gained almost 10lbs in the past 5 months of pregnancy, which means I’m on a healthy track but still not super excited about it. I’m just hungry all the time.

Movement: He moves nonstop! And with so much personality! I can always tell when he’s just getting comfy or stretching. He also flips and punches and kicks when I get hungry. I love talking to him every time I feel him throughout the day.

Names? David and I are going to keep it a secret until his birth, but we just finally decided on a name yesterday and we are so excited! Now when I talk to him I use his name and it feels so much more real. 

How I’m sleeping: Like a baby. Well, most nights. I have some nights where I toss and turn and have weird dreams. Although whether I sleep well or not I am still figuring out how to get comfortable with this huge belly! 

That’s about it! He is so healthy and we are absolutely in love. I’m really loving being pregnant, but I just can’t stop thinking about having him in my arms finally! 


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