Williamsburg + Christmas 2015

Last week I traveled up to Williamsburg, Virginia with my family. David had to stay behind and work because the Christmas season is the absolute busiest in ministry. I flew home Christmas Eve to be sure we were together for Christmas Day. I wished every day that he was there! He would have loved the history and the chilly weather! Next year we have to plan our vacation time a little better so he can join us. But I am so grateful he works so hard and makes sacrifices so that I can enjoy adventures like this.  I had never been to Williamsburg before and it was such a dream! We visited historical Williamsburg and did a little shopping on the market square. Every historical home was decked out in it’s Christmas best and there were handmade wreaths on every door. I really wish I had done more investigating on the wreath situation. They were all different with all sorts of fruit and different flowers tucked into the branches. I was so obsessed with all of them! Next year I want to be on the Williamsburg Wreath Making Committee. 

Thankfully it seems like everyone is having a warm winter, because I was so unprepared for super cold weather! It was still chilly and my Miami wardrobe was able to cope with me, but I don’t know what I would have done if it had been a typical Virginia winter. 

Christmas this year went by way too quickly. This year we had an actual tree and it was our first time having Christmas just the two (or three) of us. We woke up way too early for our last Christmas ever where we have the option of sleeping in, and tucked into our stocking chocolate right away. We took it slow and had coffee and orange cinnamon rolls, exchanged gifts and even opened some for baby boy! It was such a sweet morning. I am already looking forward to the Christmas season next year! 

We hope you had the sweetest holiday season! 



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