“For this boy I prayed, and the Lord has given me my petition which I asked of Him.”‭‭ 1 Samuel‬ ‭1:27‬ ‭

I can’t believe I’m entering my third and final trimester. This pregnancy has both flown by and dragged on. I am so eager for these next three months to come and go, I’m more than ready to meet my son. Well, I actually have a lot to prep before he actually arrives. I still need to make room for him in the nursery and start filling it with sweet baby things. I have a whole list of things to prepare for him. 

I am so enamored with the little soul inside of me. I can feel his sweetness, curiosity, and gentleness in every little hiccup and wiggle. The feeling that I already know him so well is overwhelming, he’s my everyday companion. He goes where I go and eats Girl Scout cookies with me and sticks a foot in my ribs as I clean the kitchen counters. 

He’s my son. 

Of course it’s clicked that he’s our baby, growing and thriving by God’s grace in my womb. But the fact that he is my son makes it all sound so real and it’s really blowing my mind lately.

God gave us his name, we prayed that the Lord would name our son and that it would be so clear to us when He did. We are keeping his name a secret until the birth, but I am so thrilled to share the story behind how God gave us his name after he is here. 

The day when he is part of my everyday routine in a much more tangible way can not come soon enough. April, come quickly! 



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