Lately I have been nesting and soaking up every moment I can with my sweet David. The weekly countdown to meeting our little boy is in the single digits and it is so unbelievable to think that soon he will be here and I will be able to see his face and get to know him even better than I already feel I know him. But with that, we are nearing the end of what has been only David and I for so long. Of course things will be a new kind of beautiful and memorable and precious with our son added to our tribe, but it does feel like the end of an era for just us two Fountains. 

Our off days are on Mondays and Saturdays. Mondays are my favorite day! We always go somewhere and do something and enjoy all day together. We’ll get coffee or burritos or check out a new little shop. I can’t help but get so excited for the day our boy will join us on these adventures, but at the same time these few weeks before his arrival are so sacred and we will never get them back. 

 It’s a bittersweet feeling, saying goodbye to our twosomeness. But welcoming this new chapter and this new person who will make our family even more whole is the most exciting thing.  



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