This is the face of a little boy who suddenly will only sleep with his mama. Yep, in protest of the cosleeper all of a sudden. Well, when he realizes he is in the cosleeper. Our nights usually look like this: rocking and rocking or nursing and nursing until he falls asleep and gently laying him in the cosleeper only after he has been in a deep sleep for a little bit, tiptoeing away and praying he doesn’t wake. Or more often than not lately it looks like repeating the first step and then laying down with him, snuggling a good bit, and then we both fall asleep. Right now, I’m stroking his soft, tufty hair as he snoozes on top of me. I don’t mind one bit, even if it means I lose an hour or two of sleep myself. We’ve figured out nursing while laying down together which has become our favorite way when we’re feeling like we both want to relax a little. Earlier he and I both fell asleep after nursing that way and I woke up to Judah, absolutely sprawled out and snoring. He really is such a good sleeper. It’s just that usually how he sleeps means that I don’t get very much sleep depending on if he is sleeping on top of me or not. But I love it, every minute. Sometimes I cry about the amount of sleep I get (or, rather, don’t get) but then it usually hits me around 3AM when I’m breastfeeding him, looking down at his sweet face, his wide eyes connecting with mine; this funny sleeper of mine, the little boy who must know he is in my arms (or atleast fall into a deep sleep there) or he just won’t sleep at night, he and I are a team in this. In sleeping, in night feedings, in daytime outings, in life. We’re a team. And I love it that way.

Go team!


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