Vows To My Husband As We Enter Parenthood Together 

On our wedding day my husband and I wrote vows to each other. Since then we have both been striving to keep those vows, and doing so imperfectly. But nonetheless striving for love and peace in our marriage.

Now we are in this new chapter: parenthood. I feel like it’s fitting to write a new set of vows to my husband for this new journey we’re embarking on. He is the best, most loving father to our little tribe of three. There aren’t enough words to honor the father that he has been and is becoming.

I vow to honor your fatherhood. When that means letting our son wear stripes and plaid or letting him go to bed without a bath after a day of playing in the dirt- I will honor you in that. I know you love us both and, above all, that’s what matters. 

I vow to try my best to not become resentful when we both know you’re getting more sleep than I am. I vow to treasure this sleeplessness because it means more precious time with the little boy we have together. 

I vow to do my job well- my job as your wife, as our babies’ mama, as the keeper of our home- so that you can do your job well. Your job of caring and providing for us, your job of making the late night run to the Target for La Croix or whipped cream, your job of rocking our baby to sleep so I can take a breather and just watch you two. Your job is to be the father to this family- and you are amazing. 

I vow to apologize when I lose my patience with you, especially when nothing you’ve done is upsetting me- just the result of a messy, hard day.

I vow to set aside time for just you and I, because I know the baby is okay when he is asleep in his bassinet and I don’t need to check on him twenty times an hour in one evening. 

I vow to never let our marriage become lost in this brand new season of parenthood. I vow to love you better through this brand new season of parenthood, because this season is tough and very different from anything we’ve ever done before and so we both need to be extra loving to one another. 

I vow to be a light for Jesus in our home. I vow to strive to show His love to you and our children daily, while I know I will fail daily. I vow to pray for our family without ceasing and give grace in every situation. 

For better or worse, I vow to be your teammate in this beautiful new role of ours. 


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