Ten Days In Denmark 

We just had ten amazing days in Denmark as a family. It was such a sweet way to get away and also visit some family members over there. Judah did so well on the airplane and with the time difference. I am so proud of him because I know that wasn’t easy for my little creature of habit. 

Because we were only there for ten days we really wanted to make the best of every day there. We made a point to go into Copenhagen several times, we visited the castle that Shakespeare used as his backdrop for Hamlet, we made sure we had a pastry just about every day. It was such a sweet vacation as a family of three!

All of these photos were taken on my iPhone. I forgot my real camera at home the day we left for the airport and I am so bummed! But toting around a baby was hard enough without a huge expensive camera in tow, so in a way it was freeing. Even though I wish I had some dslr photos to show you from beautiful Denmark, this was a lovely trip and next time I’ll remember my camera.

bicycles everywhere!

Judah was such a good little traveler!

I visited the Kinfolk Magazine offices while in Copenhagen. This is my favorite quarterly magazine and it was very interesting to see how and where the magazine is made.

Judah needed to stop for a little snack.

Judah meeting his great great grandfather

We visited Kronborg Castle in Helsingør with David’s Morfar (maternal grandfather).

Overall, our trip to Denmark was amazing! I loved bringing Judah to one of my favorite countries and showing him all my favorite places and things. He was such a good little traveler and I am so proud of how well he slept while we were there (despite the jet lag) and he was an angel on the flights to and from. I can’t wait to travel more with my little bub. But it is so good to be home! 

Until next time, Denmark! 


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