Hello October 

I totally forgot my October goals this month. I don’t feel like it’s too late,  do you? Didn’t think so. 

So I’m just going to jot a few down really quick and then I’d love to hear about yours! 

Here we go! 

+ read! like, books! You see, I read a lot. I read blog posts, magazine articles, news stories, and my bible of course. But I rarely read a good book anymore. I make the excuse that I don’t have time, but realistically in my winding down time before bed, instead of putzing around on Pinterest or instagram, I am making it my goal to pick up a book and get into it. 

+ make more of an effort to connect with others. Because of this all consuming lifestyle I have called being a mother I sort of forget about the amazing community of women surrounding me! I want to make more of an effort at calling up a friend and chatting, inviting another mom for a play date during the week, catching up with my girlfriends over coffee instead of allowing the stress of leaving the house with a baby overwhelm me. I have a such a good village around me, I need to be more deliberate about cultivating community with those sisters. 

+ let Judah try some more solid foods. He has already tried oatmeal, carrot, and banana and it was so much fun watching him react to all of those foods. I’m excited to let him try a few more adventurous foods as we approach his six month birthday. More fruits, some fattier veggies (avocado!), and maybe quinoa. Mamas, tell me about your babies favorite first foods! 

+ date night with my husband. David and I are so lucky for the sweet, well mannered baby God gave us! But, since Judah came along we have not had much time to just sit and talk and enjoy each others company. Sure, after the little boy goes to bed but then we’re exhausted. We both want to make it a goal to have a true date night, just the two of us, one night (or day) this month. 

So, that’s all she wrote. Just some simple, deliberate goals for October. Write to me or comment below with your October goals. I feel like regular goal making is so important, whether that be constant reminders of our priorities or new aspirations for each new season. 

Happy October, friends! 


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