2016: The Year in Review 

Last night I rang in the new year snuggling with my little boy, nursing him back to sleep. I was praying he would stay asleep upstairs long enough for me to count down and then sneak back upstairs to be with him. But as I laid in bed with him, listening to my family celebrating downstairs, I held his squishy, sleepy body close to mine and it felt like the most appropriate way to end 2016 and welcome 2017. 

2016 was such a good year for our little family. I entered 2016 halfway through my pregnancy. Pregnancy taught me so much about relying on Him for absolutely everything. I also learned that the baby growing inside of me and who now grows right in front of my eyes is not my own. God gave him to me in His relentless grace and love, knowing how much I longed for a baby. I’m learning to give my child to Him daily; his health, safety, needs, and my strength in taking care of him. As we near the end of 2016 this is one of the biggest things that stand out. I have learned (and I continue to learn) to surrender my child (and future children) to God first and foremost, the most perfect Parent. 

We welcomed our baby boy, our first born, birthed in our home on April 21. He is the light of my life! So full of joy and a fervor I love to watch play out, whether he is playing with his toy lion or tackling me with kisses. Giving birth to him was the most amazing experiences of my life, I would do it a thousand times for him. He is already quite the little adventurer and I am so grateful that we have been able to travel so easily with him! He has already taken five trips, two of those being on an airplane, one being international. We had such a wonderful time on our little family vacation to Denmark this past summer. We are travelling again for the New Year Holiday, and traveling with him is wonderful as always! I love watching his personality grow and blossom, he is becoming such a beautiful little man. I have watched other mothers with their first born sons, and now I understand! The bond is unlike anything else, so unique and special. I am so eager to watch him grow into who he will become and I am honored to be the one chosen to help him walk through it.

David and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary. I am thankful for my sweet man more and more every day. Marriage is such a gift. The love, fun, hardships, and friendship you share with your spouse in unlike any other relationship you will ever have with another human. From walking through parenthood with him, to traveling internationally as well as our everyday adventures, and then the joy that is serving in our church together; there is absolutely no one else I would rather be in partnership with!

I am so looking forward to 2017 and everything that will come with the new year!

And behold, He is making all things new. 

Revelation 21:5


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