My 2017 Goals

I love beginnings! Beginnings of weeks, months, years… and I love setting goals for myself! I love challenging myself to be better for my family, striving to be who God is growing me into, and simply looking forward to a brand new season. 

So here we go: 

1. My word of the year: Simplify. I have never really been one for embracing a word or theme for the new year. But in 2016 I learned so much about contentment and adopting a lifestyle of simplicity. I plan on fully diving in to the theme of “simplifying” in 2017. In our home, lifestyle, wardrobe, food choices, and so on. I plan on reading more books on the subject and engaging in another Contentment Challenge.

The thing is, we as a family have way too many things. Things we don’t need, things we don’t use, things which are cluttering our home and minds. I want us to focus on being grateful for what we do have and not becoming focused on what we think we “need”. 

I have hope this will be a refreshing and welcome shift in our routines. No more buying things we don’t need, more mindful consuming and reducing, more gratitude for the people around us. 

I’m so ready to get after thankfulness in the new year and quit my all-consuming habit of being discontent. I’m ready to quit shopping because I’m sad or bored or simply feeling like I “need” things, when I definitely am not in need. I want to practice mindfulness in all areas: the kitchen, time with my family, in taking care of our home, in cultivating sweet relationships. 

2. Making time with Jesus everyday. Motherhood is sanctifying, beautiful, energizing, depleating, joyful, erratic… and it can leave a mama feeling weary if she hasn’t spent time at the feet of her Savior. 

Before I gave birth to Judah I had no idea the toll motherhood would take on my quiet time. I would routinely wake up and spend an hour or two writing in my prayer journal, reading my bible, pouring over each individual devotional I have. I remember telling another mom that I was scared of losing that time because I knew I would be busy taking care of a baby. Of course when he was born I bever imagined I would be fighting to take care of myself also.  

I’m not saying you should feel guilty for not getting into The Word every day as a mom. But to the best of our ability I think it’s our duty. Mothers set the tone for the family, as keepers of the home and caretakers of the littlest members of the tribe. When our tone is set in our mind and soul by sitting in quiet, mindful prayer we can most lovingly care for our family. 

I don’t know about you, but there are times where life becomes too busy or every little thing is calling out for my attention and I just feel hungry for His voice. 

For He satisfies the longing soul, 

And the hungry soul He fills with good things. 

(Psalm 107:9) 

One of my goals in 2017 is prioritizing my quiet time with Jesus. I am so eager to begin this adventure with Him in this new year! 

I believed for so long that the only way to have a productive quiet time with Jesus was if I sat down for an hour or so, journaled all of my prayers (for pages and pages), read my bible and each of my devotional books, and did all of this completely alone in relative silence. HA. I’m a mama now, the reality of this happening on the daily is not realistic! I do get this sweet time often, I wake up before Judah and sneak into the living room and get to spend some quality time with the Father. But I’ve realized that if I can’t have that time, I need to still make time to read my bible. So what I’ve been doing on busy days when I can’t sit quietly at His feet, I read my bible reading plan on my phone as I nurse Judah down for his naps or even bedtime. Even just requesting a few minutes for prayer and alone time when David gets home from work. 

I know one day God will restore my time with him, sitting in His presence with my big cup of coffee and prayer journal. But for right now, this is the beautiful season I’m in and I am so grateful for the little pockets of quiet I do get during the day with Him.

3. Do all things without grumbling or disputing… (Phillipians 2:14)

This is one I really felt convicted over. It came about rather simply, I was reading in my quiet time and came across this verse I had heard a thousand times. Especially growing up, my mom would always remind my brother and I of this, specifically with each other. But I felt a deep conviction reading this verse with fresh eyes as an adult, and now wife and mother. 

I am such a complainer. I love throwing pity parties when things don’t go my way, either privately or inviting everyone to join in. I am really good at being terribly ungrateful because one thing went wrong. 

My goal is to be mindful about wining and complaining. Whether it be because I am exhausted and Judah is being fussy and needs every ounce of me (when I feel I have nothing else to give), or something else is just not going according to plan. I’ve realized, as I have began to adopt this mindset (with much fault) that just simply shifting my mindset in a moment where I am so tempted to complain, be ungrateful, or feel sorry for myself, that if I seize gratefulness in that moment the situation is not as bad as I though. Or it simply becomes more bearable. 

So there you go. Some simple goals and reminders I have set for myself. I would love to hear yours! Send me a message or comment. I love the new year and the freshness it brings. I pray we all strive to better ourselves this year and learn more and more about who God is creating us to be!

Happy 2017! 



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