Judah is a really good sleeper. Naps are getting easier, he went through a season of taking teeny tiny cat naps throughout the day and now it’s finally improving. He clocking two solid naps during the day, about 2 hours each, and then sleeping from 9 or 10 until 9 or 10 the next morning (sometimes later!). 

He is such a happy baby. I love spending all day with his infectious joy! We have been playing with a lot of stacking blocks lately. I make a tower, he knocks it over, and we laugh like crazy! We’ve also been reading lots of books, he sits quietly in my lap while I read to him. Sometimes he tries to eat the book, but overall he’s a delightful listener. 

He’s getting over a tiny cold right now. A drippy nose and nasty cough has him a bit fussier than usual. But it also means I get lots of extra snuggles and nap time is something we both look forward to. We’re breastfeeding a ton to keep his immune system strong so we can be rid of this cold once and for all! 

We also just put an offer in for a new place to live! It’s a little two bedroom in a really cool Art Deco building on the beach. We can walk everywhere; to the library, farmers market, the beach. There’s a pool, a sweet little courtyard, and it’s right on the water. We should be hearing from the HOA soon to hear if we were approved. We have high hopes but we’re not going to get too excited because there was another offer on the place. 

Happy Thursday! 


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