Five Things + A Little Update 

I haven’t been posting in this space very much lately and I really would like to be better about that. We have been really busy lately! We just returned from a little vacation and I have begun my midwife assistant training, which is taking up quite a bit of my time between class on sundays and then homework. 

Taking this class to begin my work in midwifery feels so good. It’s been very reassuring and I really feel like birth work is my path. We’re learning so much about what it means to care for the birthing woman, holding space, self care, and covering lots of hard topics like privelage, health disparities, and racism. It has been so beautiful to have my eyes opened to these really serious social issues that I had no idea even effected me- but they do! And more than that, I can have an effect of them. I hope and pray that my work in midwifery makes a difference- being a helper and a caretaker of the beginning of life is such a beautiful gift. I pray I carry that burden with humility and respect, honoring birth for what it is: a miracle. 

David has recently challenged me to think of 5 things daily that I am grateful for, listing them and praying over them with gratefulness. What a beautiful assignment! I am trying to hold to it and be thankful everyday. I can be such a pessimist and forget to be content and thankful for our beautiful little life. 

  1. I am thankful for my man. David is such a strong, wise leader for our little tribe. There is no one else made to guide our sweet family. 
  2. My Judah. My little lion man. My almost one year old little boy. Can you believe it? Almost a year ago my life changed forever. I truly became a new woman. I won’t get into all of the sentimental rambling now. I’m already preparing a long, sappy post for his first birthday. For now, I’ll leave you with this: 
  3. A fresh start this morning. Motherhood is tough, exhausting, and sometimes leaving me feel very much like a need a fresh start. A new day to commit to being more patient with my little cheerio thrower. A new day to commit to not letting him watch too much Winnie the Pooh just so I can clean the house (remembering the C.S. Lewis quote, “Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work.”). A new day to commit to loving my family well and showing them Jesus with every action. 
  4. This beautiful weather! We go for walks every day and Miami in the Spring is glorious! 
  5. Grace. Because I am in need of it daily, hourly, minute by minute. I am so grateful for His never ending grace for flawed mamas like me. I pray I learn to show the type of grace God has so lovingly showed me. 

I will try to begin sharing little updates and my five things as often as I can. This is a sweet exercise in accountability. 

Happy Wednesday! 


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