April Goals

Setting goals at the beginning of each month is a tradition of mine that I love honoring. A lot of times they are small, mindful goals and many times I will have the same goal or two repeated several months in a row.

New beginnings- like the beginning of years, months, weeks, and even days- we are wise to acknowledge and hold with reverence. With every fresh beginning or new chapter is an opportunity to learn new lessons and begin again.

I’ve even been practicing the idea of a “day reset”. If Judah and I are having a rough day and it just feels like the rest of the day is bound to be a hopeless mess (especially if its a day where David works late- those days are extra long for us) I try to do a “day reset”. Sometimes its a couple of deep breathes before picking myself up again and choosing to be more patient with my fussy, tired baby. Or sometimes it’s getting outside for a walk and some fresh air and praying over the day as we walk in the sunshine. A “day reset” may look different for everyone but has the same end goal: to declare over the day that one bad thing or a series of hard, challenging events cannot and will not dictate the tone for the rest of the day. It’s a freeing feeling that even in the middle of the day, halfway through the morning, or way after your babies are asleep you can effectively start over and choose to see the day through fresh eyes.

Here are my goals for April:

  1. Take a little bit of time every day for myself to focus on self care. I feel like I have been drowning lately, the days have been long and by the end of it I find myself not taking care of myself. Forgetting to eat meals, not finding any rest in the day, not having any time where I’m not being called “mama” (as much as I love it). Something as simple as asking david for a half hour so I can take a bath or dive into a good book in the evening. Having this time to recharge, especially if you’re a busy mama. 
  2. Be more mindful about what I put in my body. This is usually on my list of goals for each month. It’s a great reminder and I like to try to hang onto it as I feed our whole family. We don’t always buy organic produce (except for some things like apples or tomatoes which are always organic) but we do buy a lot of fresh fruits and veggies. We don’t do artificial sweeteners, colors, or anything too overprocessed (but we make exceptions for the occasional treat ;). Lately I’ve had the conviction to not eat certain things that I know I would never give Judah, like overprocessed, sugar laden pastries full of artificial colors or other gross additives. We eat a lot of fruits and veggies, whole grains, oatmeal, organic eggs, and occasionally some dairy like cottage cheese or yogurt. I want Judah to intuitively learn to eat well through watching us, not because we don’t “allow” him to eat certain things or make things off limits. Though I don’t feel bad saying certain things are not allowed like artificial colors and preservatives. 
  3. Journal every day- it’s a great release! First thing in the morning, right before bed at night, or both. I have found journaling- especially journaling my prayers to God- has been such a breath of relief for me. I want to prioritize this in April.
  4. Get outside every day. This is a goal I’ve had pretty much every month anyway. It’s just always a great reminder at the beginning of the month.
  5. Get enough sleep/prioritize rest. Judah is a great sleeper, he goes to bed at 10 and wakes up around 9. So usually my only obstacle in getting a good night’s rest is myself, I often put him to sleep and then stay up way too late spending time with David or trying to finish projects I started during the day, and then I wake up before Judah in the morning to get in some quiet time before he is up. I feel like this goal falls into the self care file.
  6. Plan out our meals for the week and stick to a menu. This will be such a helpful tool for being more mindful of what I’m eating and also feeding my family. It’s also a fantastic organizational habit that I’ve been meaning to master for a while. I will map out our meals, make a grocery list, and really try to stick to it. It takes the stress out of grocery shopping at the beginning of each week and helps me navigate how to feed our family within our budget effectively. I may even try to blog throughout the month about how this goal is going, but we’ll see.

Happy April, friends! Do you set mindful goals at the beginning of each month? If so, feel free to share via email or by commenting. I’d love to compare notes. 


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