Judah Harvest Turns One 

“I’ll love you forever,

I’ll like you for always,

as long as I’m living

my baby you’ll be.”

Love You Forever, Robert Munsch 

A year ago my life changed. As I lay next to his sleeping body, his arms wrapped around me, it’s so hard to believe that a year ago at this moment I was laboring, waiting to meet him face-to-face. I had no idea how much his birth would change me. Life before him seems nonexistent, I can’t imagine a time when I didn’t know my Judah. He is my heart outside of my body. 

Watching him grow and become more brilliant each day is such an honor that I hold so dear to my heart. Getting to know this boy of mine has been the greatest adventure. I didn’t know a love like this existed until he came screaming into this world a year ago and I pulled him onto my chest, looking him in eyes for the very first time. Now I look him in the eyes and a little boy, who is becoming his own little person, stares back at me. 

He is sweet, smart, loving, wild, fun-loving, joyful, curious, thoughtful… and he has been the love of my life for a whole year. How can it be?


I remember this moment so vividly… we had just finished our very first middle of the night nursing session. I couldn’t go back to sleep… all I could do was stare at him and think about how perfect he was. I did a lot of that then, I stared at him for hours and hours. The love was overwhelming. Twelve months into it, nightly nursing isn’t as enjoyable but it isn’t such a chore either. In those early days though… it was golden. I savored those 3AM wake-ups. I would sit there with my baby boy, all snuggled up with all of our pillows and warmth. I would cradle him as he breastfed and stroke his hair and watch his sweet little face. This is what I had always dreamt of, snuggling my baby in the middle of the night, with the feeling that it was only us two in this entire world. He was all that mattered. I am so grateful that my memory of those early days is so deeply ingrained. I don’t ever want to lose those moments. 

About Judah at One Year…

Toddlerhood is almost upon us, but Judah isn’t walking yet so I think we have time before he is officially a toddler. He is taking a couple of steps at a time and can stand by himself but he doesn’t seem ready to walk. That is fine by me! I am happy to keep him a baby as long as possible! 

He is still breastfeeding and I plan on continuing until he wants to stop. My personal goal is to make it to two years at the least but I am willing to go as long as he desires. Breastfeeding is so so good for our babies, and doing it for as long as possible is such a sweet gift. I can’t imagine stopping! We have such a sweet bond because of it. At one year old he still nurses constantly throughout the day as well as eating table food and about once during the night. 

Speaking of food, Judah loves it. Seriously, he eats everything! I am a vegetarian and David is not, so we decided together that we would let Judah choose when he gets old enough to understand both sides. Although, he doesn’t eat a lot of meat at all. The only time he does is when he’s with David or my dad. Theres something about feeding him meat that feels so wrong to me, but that’s only because I choose not to. David is always teasing me that I am secretly trying to raise him as a little vegetarian. Haha! Not true but so funny. He loves eating rice and beans, bananas, tomatoes, pasta, sweet potato, and puffs! That boy is puffs obsessed. I plan on surprising him with a bunch of puffs as one of his birthday presents. 

He is such an active little guy. He is always crawling (super fast) and climbing onto anything he can. He knows how to climb onto the couch and the bed in our guest room, and he also knows how to safely get down by scooting backwards on his belly. He is so smart! When he first learned how to climb onto the couch the rule was always that I had to be there with him. Bu now I feel comfortable being in the kitchen and watching him as he climbs onto the couch to sit and then he carefully backs off onto the floor. Plus it is so cute to see him sitting on the couch like a big boy! 

He has been quite the little traveller in his first year! He has been on quite a few airplanes, he got his first stamps in his little passport, he even went to Disney World for the first time! The month after he was born we visited one of my best friends for her wedding in Ohio. (And now she’s having a baby! A boy! Our boys will be best pals, I know it.) Then when he was two months old we took a road trip to Washington D.C. for a church event. While David lead the team to the event Judah and I walked all over D.C. and we had the best time! We went to museums and ate really good food (well I did and Judah napped and nursed). We brought him to Denmark when he was four months old (he turned five months old while we were there) and our little family had the best time! He was such a little trooper. I wish he had been old enough to try some of the great food but he was still too little. He came with us to Atlanta for New Years to see my family, which was a blast! The long road trip was hard but we still had fun. And then last month we got to take him to Disney World! A total dream come true! I have always dreamt of taking my baby to Disney and I’m so grateful I was able to take him with my parents, older brother, sister-in-law, and my sweet niece. It was a blast and I can’t wait to take him when he is old enough to walk around a little more and enjoy it a bit more! We have so many adventures coming up in his second year and I can’t wait to see what those trips hold. 

Here’s a look back on the highlights of Judah’s first year…

Best. Year. Ever. 
Happy birthday, my precious boy. I love watching you grow. 

{if you’re interested here is our birth story}


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