i found this in my drafts…

June 9, 2017 

This season has been my absolute favorite lately.

Our little family is doing so well, Judah is growing like a weed and giving me a serious run for my money (+ I love it!), there’s a newfound joy in motherhood that I’m finding and I am pinching myself daily that I have such an amazing job!

I’ve been savoring nap time as my absolute favorite time of day. Judah snuggles close to me, we lay on his bed, I read a book while he snoozes. It’s been raining for about a week straight. Right now I’m laying next to his warm body as he naps, the rain falling outside, warm tea within reach…

Sometimes it feels completely unreal that this is my life. I have an amazing husband who makes me laugh every day. My toddler is walking around like a big boy, loves snuggling his mama (swoon!!!), and chats up a storm! I love hearing his little voice telling me stories in his precious babbling dialect.

The rain means we haven’t been making it out for our usual walks or trips to the park. But it’s been a really sweet way to embrace hygge and hunker down indoors while the rain falls. We keep lots of blankets handy, wear comfy clothes all day long, listen to music and read books. Sometimes we go out to the balcony, reach out our arms and touch the rain that’s falling off of the roof.

Though, we really can’t wait to see the sun again and meet our friends at the park.



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