Motherhood Right Now…

motherhood right now is… a very active baby girl in my belly. she tosses and turns day and night. though, her movements are so gentle and slow, yet frequent. i like to imagine her dancing a ballet in my womb.

motherhood right now is… finding creative ways to wear out my toddler, which is honestly my favorite part of the day! whether we find a new park to visit, or an open soccer field to run and run and run in, or if we take a walk down to the publix for nothing in particular… i know one day i’ll look back on these adventures we had as just us two before baby sister arrived and they will feel like the golden days.

motherhood right now is… playdates! oh, playdates, how i love them and their ability to wear my kid out just in time for a nap or bedtime! and the sweet interaction with friends is seriously nourishing for both of our souls.

motherhood right now is… lots of negotiating with a very opinionated little boy (who doesn’t have very many words yet so this does get interesting). whether i am firmly asking him not to do something he knows he’s not supposed to, or we’re discussing cereals and applesauce at the grocery store. i love these little conversations.

motherhood right now is… messy. period.

motherhood right now is… asking judah “where is baby sister?” and he points to his own belly very proudly.

motherhood right now is… bliss. i love this season we’re in right now. i feel like i say that with every new season, but it’s true. judah is such a big boy these days, which is such fun! but he’s also still my baby in almost every way (and he will be forever). he still enjoys nursing pretty much around the clock and so do i, he loves snuggling in to read a book, and his favorite part of the morning is breakfast together and then letting me dress him for the day.

i’m so grateful for this role as his mama and this new baby girl on the way, what a privilege to be given these children to minister to day in and day out. that’s something i’ve been learning a lot about recently, the mission of this mothering i do. sometimes my life seems a bit boring compared to others. i wake up, nurse my toddler as we talk about how he slept last night, prepare breakfast to the tune of daniel tiger or curious george, chase bits of cereal under pieces of furniture and wipe smoothie off of fingers and pajama shirts. but the Lord has been showing me the importance of really “showing up” for this job. yes, i pretty much have no choice because my “job” is usually wrapped around my leg as i go about my day. but the concept of “showing up” means a lot more than just doing what i have to do for my family. it means approaching a diaper change as an act of service, or a sink full of dishes with joy instead of dread. treating this every day monotony as the blessing that it is.

so, i love motherhood right now. it really does just keep getting better.


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