Finding Our Rhythm As A Family Of Four

Clementine is now 9 weeks old and we are quite settled into our new normal. This transition from one to two kids is so much easier than transitioning from zero kids to being a mom! Seriously, I am so shocked at how easy this whole process has been.

I feel pretty rested, I’m getting a good night’s rest most night and I definitely owe that to co-sleeping. I usually sleep with both kids on either side of me or just Clementine in my arms and Judah in another room with David. It just depends on the night. Judah doesn’t wake to nurse in the night anymore but he does love to snuggle and Clem really doesn’t wake very often at all, maybe once or twice. Both of my kids love their sleep! I was so nervous about naptime before Clementine was born. How would I manage napping with two kids?? Especially when Judah still needs to nurse to sleep? But the beautiful thing is Judah doesn’t always need to nurse to sleep, he just loves to be close to me. So everyday I am sandwiches in between both children for at least two hours and it is amazing. I usually get to rest, read, nap, watch a documentary. I’m so grateful because I was sure this would never happen and I would never get my precious rest during nap time.

Soon after she was born (maybe a month) I began watching one of Judah’s little friends, a daughter of one of my friends. She is two and a half and it’s really nice to have another child in the house. Judah has fun playing with a friend and I actually enjoy the challenge of caring for the three children.

I am currently tandem nursing, though it hasn’t been easy. The first two weeks were amazing! I easily nursed them both, at the same time, with such ease. They would both fall asleep in my arms and it was positively heavenly! But around two weeks postpartum a horrible nursing aversion struck each time I nursed Judah, only him and never Clementine. Now, 9 weeks postpartum I am still dealing with the aversion and the creepy crawly feeling I get when I nurse him sometimes. But I am determined to fight through it and pray it passes so we can wean when he’s ready. I certainly am not ready, and there’s no way he would give it up. It’s such a special bond and it’s so healthy. This is the first time in two years I’ve even considered weaning! But I’m pretty stubborn and I plan on pushing through it and praying once my hormones balance out a bit better the aversion will subside.

The burden of juggling motherhood, marriage and being a diligent housekeeper has not ceased. We are working on getting a laundry room in our apartment (city living problems!) which I know will make a world of a difference. I’m also trying to make a cleaning schedule for myself so I can be sure I keep up with household chores while still spending time with my family and taking care of myself.

We are slowly finding out rhythm and it feels so good. This is just a little blog post to update you on how we are doing since Clemmy was born, I plan on doing a blog post soon detailing our daily rhythm a bit more.

I love motherhood. Period. This beautiful calling the Lord has put on my life is the most special gift He has every given me (besides that of being a wife). This hard and holy job of raising these tiny humans and caring for the home our family shares seems small in some minds but it is the biggest, most important thing in my mind. I am so grateful.


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