how do you take your coffee?

How do you take your coffee?

With a splash of whatever milk is on hand or, if I’m lucky, cream.

Early in the morning, around 6AM, while my babies are still sleeping in my bed.

Bleary-eyed, especially without my glasses. (Where did I leave them?)

Heart open, bleeding, raw, seeking.

Accompanied with psalms, prayers, whatever bible reading is on the agenda for today (or wherever God takes me in the scriptures).

Journaling until my hand is aching.

Silent, selfish prayers for my kids to stay asleep a little longer so I can enjoy the quiet.

A second cup of coffee. I consider adding raw sugar and think better of it.

Reading words written by some of my favorite women-writers because creativity breeds creativity and I am looking to be inspired.

Writing my own words.

Taking a deep breath. Eager for my day to begin and nervous about what it holds.

How do you take your coffee?


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