They call me mama

Oh what a name.


I feel tiny hands grasping my legs. The word, the name isn’t just that… it’s begging to be seen, it’s a request for validation from one of my tiniest, dearest loves.

Tonight it utterly struck me… to be called “mama” is one one the greatest gifts I have ever been given. It is my greatest joy. It is my highest calling. It is my God-given, sacred title that I treasure deeply.


I am writing these words so that I remember them when the going gets tough. I want to remember, when I am at the end of my rope and I am exhausted and I have just done every single chore in the house and taken care of every single need these children possess, when I am weary and exhausted… they call me mama.

From the moment I became a married woman, I only ever wanted to be a mother.

Even before knowing David would be my husband, I knew my number one dream was to be a mother.

So when I am exhausted beyond belief, worn down, and raw as can be… I want to remember that I am the one they call mama. I am the one God have them to be mama. No one else. And, oh, what blessing it is to be called mama.


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